Defend the trophy from countless waves of enemies. Spend you hard-earned money in the SHOP after each round. Will you be able to complete our game?


A, D - Movement

Space - Jump

LMB - Shoot Arrow

RMB - Pull Arrow

Good Luck, Have Fun ;D

After every wave you have option to buy upgrades from store:

Build Turret - it costs 200 coins and it allows you to place max 4 turrets which will help you progress throught the game.

Upgrade Player HP - It costs 100 coins and allows you to take one more hit from enemy (ProTip - with every wave your player HP refills).

Heal Target - It costs 50 coins and restores 10 HP points of your thropy.

Here's our game "Devlog":

We've even got a fan art from Jordan Han 


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interesting Idea, sort of like yonu's arrow